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Game Server Name Players IP:Port Map Status
Call of Duty 4ARES FFA CHAOS Crk 29/4866.150.121.128:28960mp_shipment Online
Left 4 Dead 2Teamfurby-Left4Dead 2 Server 1 29/ Online
Battlefield 3Noobs Only! Learn to Play | Fast Respawn | Rank Cap | [SkL] / Offline
Call of Duty 4DeadlyGaming NY|TerminalTDM|28973 / Offline
DayZ Mod [Quakecon] Fuel Trucks/Extra Towns DayZEpoch Chernarus - ( [VETERAN CH:ON NP:ON][GMT-6] Private Hive - | DayZ.ST / Offline
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [Quakecon] CS:GO Mixed Map Frag Fest / Offline
Team Fortress 2 [QuakeCon] Team Fortress 2 / Online
Battlefield 3 [Quakecon] HARDCORE Mixed Mode/Mixed Map LAN Party Madness / Offline
Unreal Tournament 2004 [Quakecon]CTFandDMMix / Offline
Counter-Strike: Global OffensivePowersGaming Public Dallas CS:GO /24173.199.100.96:27015de_dust Online
Battlefield 3 [Quakecon] Mixed Mode/Mixed Map LAN Party Madness / Offline
Counter-Strike 1.6DubStepCity -|ONLY D2|- [Teli konfig|Jo zenek|Only D2] 3/1291.82.84.189:27042de_dust2_xmas
Quake [custom maps dm] 1/1667.228.69.114:27910mas2ft1 Online
Quake 1/1667.228.69.114:27911wdrail04 Online
Quake 1/1667.228.69.114:27923aerowalk Online
Quake 7/3267.228.69.114:27912campcity Online
Quake 1/1667.228.69.114:27920boss1 Online
Quake 1/1667.228.69.114:27913city1 Online
Quake 1/2567.228.69.114:27914marics_ctf3 Online
Quake 1/2467.228.69.114:27915ra2map17 Online
Quake 12/1667.228.69.114:27916q2dm3 Online
Quake (dm1-dm8 only) 1/1667.228.69.114:27927q2dm3 Online
Quake 3{CROM} CTF 22/32209.212.157.155:36462q3wcp1 Online
Quake 3{CROM} FREEZE 27/32209.212.157.153:39254pro-q3dm6 Online
Quake 0/3267.228.69.114:27991q2rdm2 Online
Quake 3{CROM} FFA 17/32209.212.157.151:24018q3dm5 Online
Quake 0/3267.228.69.114:27998q2rdm2 Online
Quake 0/3267.228.69.114:27997q2rdm2 Online
Quake 3Thunder CTF 17/3266.160.179.210:27960q3ctf2 Online
Quake 0/3267.228.69.114:27996q2rdm2 Online
Quake 3Legendary Z Warriors 7/64162.210.175.196:27960desert Online
Quake 0/3267.228.69.114:27995q2rdm2 Online
Quake 0/3267.228.69.114:27994q2rdm2 Online
Quake 4Deadz Zone Demo / Offline
Quake 1/1674.86.171.201:27979marics35 Online
Quake Tournament Server /1674.86.171.200:28004mp/q4tourney1 Online
Quake 2Backshooters Awakening2 1/32108.178.55.29:27910m92a Online
Quake 2Q2 Random GXMod 1/10208.100.0.135:27910q2dm2 Online
Call of Duty 4 [QuakeCon] Promod 2.16 S&D 0/1668.232.162.63:28960mp_crossfire Online
Battlefield 1942=SoC= Chaos Phillies 32/32107.6.103.186:14567invasion of the philippines Online
Quake 2-=ACME CTF ~ Match Server 2=- 1/13173.192.216.18:27921q2ctf2 Online
Battlefield 1942Lets Play - Classic 27/3624.60.206.79:14567hellendoorn Online
Quake 2-=ACME Offhand Hook CTF=- 1/32173.192.216.18:27913smap06 Online
Quake 2-=ACMEMOD Beta - Lasermine test!=- 1/24173.192.216.18:27912lfctf7 Online
Quake 2-=ACME ~ Railz CTF=- 1/24173.192.216.18:27916lm2rail Online
Quake 2-=ACMECTF - RailwarZ!=- 1/24173.192.216.18:27915as2m7rb Online
Battlefield 2142LAST REFUGE 25/6467.228.129.152:16567Camp_Gibraltar Online
Quake 2-=ACME CTF ~ Kick Ass No Tech=- 1/24173.192.216.18:27914lfctf7 Online
Quake 2-=ACME CTF ~ Kick Ass Match=- 1/13173.192.216.18:27920q2ctf2 Online
Battlefield 2142DETHKLOK 45/4875.126.13.128:16567Shuhia_Taiba Online
Quake 2-=ACME CTF ~ The Last Resort=- 1/32173.192.216.18:27910lfctf9 Online
Battlefield Vietnam-[HELLO]-Bfv | Allmaps 37/528.9.30.43:15567HO CHI MINH TRAIL Online
Quake :: OpenTDM :: Estonia 1/2046.22.210.10:27910q2dm1 Online
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 24/7 SCA | ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE | SURVIVAL+ESCAPE | SCACLAN 44/4650.31.65.61:27015ze_defense3003 Online
MinecraftbMonuments f& cMayhem 136/175174.138.166.74:25565world Online
MinecraftFlowers Victory [Servidor Espa�ol] / Offline
Natural Selection 2|^| CRACK MIATA GAMING |^| 22/24199.192.205.187:27015ns2_descent Online
Natural Selection NS2#1 DC 22/23174.37.194.20:27015ns2_mineshaft Online
Natural Selection 2GORGE PUB - ALL OFFICIAL 22/24199.192.205.180:27015ns2_tram Online
Left 4 Dead 2ɱƴƓαmiηg-Team !buy [10vs10] #US 7/20192.223.27.210:27015c8m1_apartment Online
Left 4 Dead US | Points Reloaded VS 7/20204.188.252.133:27015c1m1_hotel Online
Unreal Tournament 3p268435968 0/16108.174.54.253:7777DM-PsychoBathroomHeaven Online
Unreal Tournament 3 0/8173.199.101.186:7777dm-uof-lp-genki Online
Team Fortress | Trade/Fun Server 30/3270.42.74.19:27015trade_minecraftworld_a5 Online
Wolfenstein Enemy TerritoryF|A RECRUITING XP SAVE 47/518.9.4.227:27960venice_ne4 Online
Wolfenstein Enemy TerritoryF|A SILENT RECRUITING XPS 30/40108.61.21.93:27960oasis Online
Team Fortress 2 QuakeCon 2013 BYOC Server / Offline
DayZ Mod!DayZ Epoch AWG( ACTIVE ADMINS/Self BB/Tow/Airlift/A.I./Full Moon/Take Clothes/Base Build/Sleep Heal/Custom Map - / Offline
Age of ChivalryBhop-IL.Net | 100 Tick | Timer | BhopStyles | 400+ Maps | By Cl 6/42192.117.171.90:27075bhop_1ucky_for_bhopper
Unreal Tournament 2004[MiA] WARFARE | miasma.or 24/
DayZ ModDayZEpoch - - The Heaven Nor Hell DayZ Epoch Server - Custom AI Missions - Custom Barracks - Self Bloodbag - Crash Sites - Safezone Traders - Take Clothes - Tow Lift - Snap to Building - Indestructable Bases - No Plot Poles Needed! - Last, but by no means least, Friendly and ACTIVE Admins! 13/50217.23.12.167:2402Chernarus
Quake 3! Hiszy like FTAG FFF ! ! 3/20108.61.122.29:27966q3dm17
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory | TWC | No Download 10/
Team Fortress 2Das Boot by 12/1494.250.201.231:27015cp_granary
Medal of Honor: Spearhead[MwM] Public Server 1/2691.186.3.151:12203obj_team4
Counter-Strike 1.6>>>HE@DSHOT<<< Arena Zombie ®[FAST AMMO] IS BACK! 18/32176.57.188.2:27053zm_gold_dust_vipee
Quake 3 4/1692.222.24.172:27964q3ctf1
Quake 3 2/14198.50.149.114:27965pro-q3dm6